Ashford's Programme 2022


24 Feb      Club competitions

10 Mar       Quiz Night- Teams of 4

24 Mar       Silent Auction

7 April        AGM & New Acquisitions

28 April     Paul Leonard Talk- Art or Science

Paul is a scientist & a technical adviser to the Royal Philatelic Society's Expert Committee for over 10 years.

Part 1, includes information on

how submitted items are analysed ,

conclusions of opinion reached and

the use of technical equipment.


Part 2, Attendees may wish to bring along a couple of items for open discussion

12 May      Speaker / Visit to be arranged

26 May    Members Entertain        

Please note

We are lucky to have a large hall which allows for social distancing during viewings and the seating for the auctions etc.


Wearing of masks is MANDATORY within the hall except when partaking in refreshments. There are hand sanitisers within the hall that we ask attendees to use.


We trust ALL attendees to behave responsibly and be fully

vaccinated ,or have tested negative in a very recent covid test.


Anyone showing any symptoms of covid should not attend